I've been visiting my friends at Pirate Rock Radio to catch some pics of the bands they are interviewing. This I will keep on doing as often as time lets me. Great way to find out about bands in the Gothenburg area and loads of fun! Check out BULT and LONDON BASED HELLFIRECLUB below.


London Based Hellfireclub

London Based Hellfireclub

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Amon Amarth and Carcass at Trädgår'n

The other day it was my first time to shoot at Trädgår'n (Gothenburg). Always fun and a challenge to shoot for the first time somewhere. Carcass and Amon Amarth filled up the place on a tuesday evening in december - not bad! Great show and great crowd. Some pics below and more in the albums!

Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth



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Skid Row and Ugly Kid Joe at Sticky Fingers

So... another last minute decision to shoot a gig yesterday - and what a gig! Couldn't resist when I had the chance, true passion I guess. To shoot straight while the crowd was going wild in front of the stage was a great challenge. Sticky Fingers was the place to be.

Anyway, this is what happens when you let bandmembers play with your precious for a while. Thank you Scotti!

I think I look pretty calm for giving up my camera. Next time not more than fair that I get to play with the guitar whilst.. :)

Took the liberty to edit this one. Great shot Scotti. Who knew.

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Danko Jones at Bullseye talkshow

Mattias Lindeblad did a great job hosting Bullseye talkshow tonight with no less than Danko Jones comfortably seated in that typical bullseye couch. As always it was a relaxed show with great stories and lots of laughter.

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Haven't been able to do what I love for a while so tonight I was really glad to be back at a gig with my camera. This time Halestorm and Black Water rocked the night away at Brewhouse. Hopefully get some pics up for ya soon but first a few more days of packing and cleaning and then a final goodbye to my apartment... Gothenburg city, soon enough I wont need a car to get to all gigs! Sweet! :)

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Busy weekend

Sunday night. Finally time to just relax, enjoy some good music and a book. This weekend was really busy and I hung out with my camera quite a lot. Got to shoot a great talkshow named Bullseye, 3 bands live at Sticky and one band for some promo pics. Also, a quick self portrait to try out the space I arranged at home to make it easier to set up photo shoots when it gets colder outside. (You are welcome... :-) ) 

Now I'll slide in to my bubble of dreams and lyrics - as loud as I want thanks to awesome Motörheadphönes 

Next time I'd like to be back behind the camera while someone else tries out my new space for photo shoots!

London Based Hellfireclub at Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg

Danger Avenue at Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg

Mattias Lindeblad talks to Stanne and Brändström from Dark Tranquillity 

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Discovering NIMIS

The other weekend me and a friend decided to go for road trip and we ended up visiting Nimis in south Sweden. I had never been there before so it was quite interesting. And a good way to get some exercise too while enjoying nature. Also fascinating to know someone got all that pieces of wood to that far off place by the sea and actually put it together!

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Superheros & Rock n' Roll

Last weekend I went to Holmens Rock in Gothenburg and met up with some great photographer friends. Got to shoot D-A-D, Crucified Barbara, Sator and Burbon Boys. Unfortunately I couldn't be there in time for all the bands but I did run into a Superhero known as Batman. Not only does this Superhero team up with Spiderman to bring hope and joy to sick kids, he also has good taste in music judging from his undercover tattoo.. Check out the great stuff  "Superheroes against cancer" are up too and give them your support! Of course they are also at Facebook - Superheros are always anywhere you need them.. 

Superheroes & Tattoos

D-A-D put on a great show

So did Cruified Barbara and the other bands playing at Holmens Rock 27 of july 2013

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Good vibes

The last couple of days I've been spoiled with good vibes. The choice to keep focus on the good stuff, the true people and the beauty around me is sometimes so easy!

Summernight sunset at Instön.

Good weather - good rides!

My brother and family are finally here for holiday

Lovely friends in love throwing housewarming party, creative style!

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More Metaltown

Had to take a day off from the computer to get other stuff in order yesterday but now I'm back and enjoying Coffee and more shots. From the festival that is..

Sulan and Jimmy from The End Of Grace

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Summarising Metaltown

Metaltown 2013 is over and I'm back home going thrue pics. Always fun to look back cause when you're in the middle of the action there's not always time for reflection. This time I spent more time shooting interviews and backstage happenings than live gigs but of course there will be some pics from gigs as well! Most of my time I spent close to the Motörheadphönes and Brands for Fans Lounge since they set up the spot for Dogday Production interviews that I shot. Lots of bands passing thrue there!

Rock n' roll happiness

Some more interview pics below...

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It's Thursday!!

That means first day of Metaltown and some days of fun work and great music ahead. Yeah!! I'm part of the Dogday Production crew and we'll be collecting pics and interviews and much more for you. I'll get back to you about what's going - mean while you can enjoy the spirit of first day of Sweden Rock Festival. Gotta love music!

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Iggy Pop And The Stooges

Yesterday Iggy Pop and The Stooges gave Gothenburg and the amusement park Liseberg a great show. I was happy to be there to catch some of Iggys moves on camera. Probably the last gig for me before METALTOWN  Be there!!!

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Fans and friends

Got some time before bedtime to go thru some more pics from Sweden Rock, Spa Classic Race in Belgium and some other stuff. Sometimes it feels like there are not enough hours in a day to do everything you like! Luckily I have some truly great friends to count on. You made the last couple of weeks possible and you know who you are. This one's for you guys, from my heart thank you for all your support and help. Real people rock!! You are my guiding stars among self-righteous wolfs. May I be like you!

Or as Doro put it in an interview for Dogday Production at Sweden Rock Festival; her fans are the inspiration that keeps her going. Like really good friends they make her want to give her best and never stop. My friends - that's what you are to me!

By the way, Doro turned out to be a really nice woman in person!

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Lazy Sunday

One, or actually two, hectic weeks has past. So this weekend I took some time off just to hang out with friends and stay away from the electronic brain, also called computer. Nice to be back though cause now I'll spend some of this lazy Sunday sorting out interview pics which reminds me of good times at Sweden Rock Festival.

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Crack a smile while working..

Sometimes you just need a clown. Gotta keep on working - spirit from Sweden Rock is still with me. Cheers to ya all!

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Back home after Sweden Rock

After a fantastic week at Sweden Rock I'm now back home with loads of material to go thru. Had such a great time it's almost a shame to be back in my still quite messy appartment. And remember guys, this is compared to sleeping - let me rephrase that; freezing, in a tent!! That's how good! (Anyone with a cleaning fetish is welcome - I'll leave the key and a box of beer).

Miss all the people, music and fun but will enjoy sorting these shots out! Sun is shinig here as well and I decided to try to do some work outside, we'll see how it goes :) Interviews with bands, live shots from the ditch or from stage, one or two happy and slightly tipsy visitors.. All caught by yours truly! Rock on..

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Sweden Rock Festival

Sweden Rock is great and we meet a lot of people! Dogday Production is doing some interviews with bands while I'm documenting it with some pics. I'm also down in the ditch getting some liveshots of the gigs. Did I say it's great??

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Jump in here and you might just get some updates of whats going on. Whether it's about on going projects, photo shoots or just some snapshots from every day life: I will try to put some info and pics here for you, even if I'm not a blogger :)

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